Monday April 25th, 2016

Apartment Building Vs Duplexes

Living arrangements are important to each individual person. After all, personal preferences and needs determine where people want to live. Young adults such as students or those who have just entered the workforce tend to aim for an apartment or a duplex. Apartments are much larger, while duplexes are smaller and more personalized. Each has their own benefits as it depends on what people want along with the price of rent in these situations.

Apartment buildings have a lot more people. Most apartment buildings are large and can contain over twenty floors. This means hundreds of tenants majority of which you don’t know. Therefore, if you don’t like the idea of being around a lot of strangers, apartments are probably not for you. Duplexes are much smaller because as they resemble houses, this means they have much fewer tenants and you may get your own yard with more outdoor space. This will feel slightly more like an actual house since it won’t be as crowded. Whether you want to live within a sea of people or among a few, there are options out there for you.

The management is quite different. Apartment buildings are often owned by larger companies, while duplexes are usually owned by landlords. Therefore, the way your place is maintained differs in regards to the company or the individual landlord. Larger companies tend to have more resources when it comes to upkeep of the property. Therefore, if there is an issue with your apartment, such as a leaky faucet, in a large building it’s likely to be resolved very quickly. In a duplex on the other hand, it may take longer for the landlord to hire a handyman to do the repairs.

Security differs. Since duplexes are more like houses, in many cases the only security you have is your locks. Apartment buildings tend to have much higher security being that you have a separate lock for both your apartment and the building as a whole. These buildings tend to also have 24 hour camera surveillance as well as their own designated security guards.

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